Cartoons oh cartoons!

The childhood seems lost. It escaped in the process of growing height and attaining body weight. It disappeared in the clouds of maturity and believing that the fantasy existed only in the fantasy itself. We learnt that we can’t remain cute and chubby for the entire life nor can watch TV the whole day or crawl or be spoon fed every time.

Everybody misses their childhood, it was the unknown luxurious time that is gone way back in the past like every other happy time. Everybody also misses cartoons and surprisingly it did not run away in the past.

So here are some of my top 15 cartoons which will definitely make you cry like “aww.. I want my childhood back!”

15)  Spongebob squarepants 


14) Thomas and friends 


13) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 


12) Shaun the Sheep 


11) Pingu 


10) Looney Tunes


9) Barney and friends 


8) Mr. Bean


7) Bob the Builder 


6) Miffi and friends 


5) Noddy 


4) Oswald 


3) Flinestones  


2) Tom & Jerry 


 1) Teletubbies 


I hope I was able to bring a smile on your face 🙂 here are some more missed cartoons below in the slideshow. Hit the star, drop your comments bellow and let me know who was your favorite cartoon character from these!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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