Wish she stayed…

It was around 1:10 am 29 November, 2015 when we lost the most precious gem from around the world.

Around 4pm 28 Nov we took her to the pet smart clinic as we noticed weakness after 7-8 times vomit since yesterday. Her vision was not clear.  The doc said her stomach was upset and due to lack of excretion she was given drip for around 15-20 mins.  We were told that she will be energy less and troubled with vision. We came home. At 9pm we again took her to the same doc as her breathing since the first visit had not come to a normal stage. She was breathing heavily and couldn’t see at all. There  she was given the drip again and treatment for excretion.  After we brought her home, on the way itself she was behaving uncomfortably.  Was stretching her arms and legs but couldn’t stand due to weakness. She was picking her head up frequently. And by the time we brought her home, we noticed her problem in breathing. That’s when the panic began. We had few tears rolling down as now she seemed helpless and gasping for air. We immediately informed the doc and went to him. There 3 docs, they immediately gave the life saving injection and started the treatment for her excretion. They did it 3. But still her stomach was swollen badly. Her heartbeat was fast. And had fever 102.7/9  her condition was becoming bad to worse. And then the doc lost all hope and said “be mentally prepared chances are very less” that moment we were all shattered. 
We couldn’t believe the doc had asked to give up on our baby.
How could we. We were crying the whole way from home to the clinic but after this we  were lost… The only hope docs had refused now.

And then we came home with a mental heartbreak. We had a thought of going Gurgaon to a vet hospital but it was way too far. And we could make it that Tammy wont stay with us that long. As soon as we entered the house mom, made her drink the ganga jal with a petal of tulsi. And then me and Deepalya went to the pooja room and prayed. Prayed for either a miracle to happen or to give the least pain to her while she was going. And mom read Geeta and dad was holding Tammy. 
At 1:10 am (around) we lost her…
We lost our happiness,  our baby, our everything…
Her body was still
No breathing at all
He stomach was swollen again
She did not move.
She did not breath…
We prayed for the peace of her soul. And that she comes again to our life or next life.

It was around 1:10 am 29 November, 2015 when we lost the most precious gem from around the world.


We gave you best life, everything you’ve ever wanted from chocolate to lap bed. But you gave us a life with unconditional love, never ending happiness, and a beautiful experience of having a baby that never grew old…
You lived like a princess and departed like a pure soul. We used to get up seeing your face, sleep hugging you in the blanket, did not leave without kissing you, and returned home with your favourite chocolates.
Everything we did, it started for you and ended for you. Now it feels really empty. B’coz now there is no one to bark and the door bell, no one to get excited for a car ride and no one to ask for potatoes, tea, apple…


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