Mask : The Secret of Survival !

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Here I throw another bunch of words suitable for today and tomorrow. I hope you agree with me on this blog. Don’t forget to drop your views on this below.
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” Give a man a mask and he will become his true self! ”

True it is.

The scenario in which we live today doesn’t not demand the real you. It demands a fake, masked man. The world needs people who wear a mask as they wake up in the morning till the time they go to bed. A mask that hides your real identity, your individuality and the real you. A mask that has the ability to manipulate, lie, hide, cheat and betray. A mask which is capable of getting anything it wants by stepping on to other’s head.

We don’t live in a world of good hearted people anymore. We live among the devils. The devils scarier than the ones who belong to the hell. These devils are cruel and selfish.
They cheat for themselves.
They kill for themselves.
They live for themselves.

‘ Today artificial sweetener is used for lemonade and the real lemon is used in hand bowls. ‘

Being nice is the rarest of the rare in this 21st century. The liar, cheater is assumed as real and ordinary and the true and honest ones are considered fake. The corrupt is know powerful and the talented is assumed as a kid.

This is how the world is living. It is not the global warming or natural disasters that we should be afraid of but these masked people.

‘ We see humans but not humanity. ‘

We be our true selves only when we are either in the washroom in front of the mirror of in the house when alone.

This mask is a need for living.
Its like oxygen, without which we can’t survive.
Actually it is an artificial need. We don’t really need the mask if each on of us steps out as himself. In the race of wining each battle we are loosing the war of life by being selfish, cheaters, and betrayers.





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