On my way to school…

Hi there my beautiful readers !

Today I am gonna share my experience of traveling to school in the morning.
Its like a dairy entry I have posted today. I don’t usually post something like that but today I didn’t have much thoughts to put together for an article so I just wrote the morning picture.

It was 7 am and I was supposed to rush to my bus stop but instead I was packing up my bag pack. Rushing down the staircase I opened the door and ran like a penguin with heavy bag towards the end of that park where my bus daily picked me up. Luckily I was picked up by my bus on time.
I sat on the window seat to view the morning activities of the people. Just after a couple of streets away from my house there was a walking park where few people were brisk walking, two young girls were jogging, an old man was relaxing on a bench, and few ladies were doing there regular routine of exercise.
It was a fit view to watch and felt like I did my warm up.
I passed a temple where two school  students were praying I don’t know for what but possibly for their exams.
After crossing a main street there came a society where car washers were busy cleaning the white cars, and the guard were opening and closing the gates for the people entering and exiting.
I also saw a lady in her balcony watering her flower pots.
Again after few turns and main roads there came a small empty park which hardly had anyone to walk or any swings or benches around as a normal park but a few dogs. There were 3 of them who seemed warming up in a bit cool weather. They were chasing each other. They looked happy as if they were about to a attend a free buffet or something. There joy was expressed by there jumping over each other simultaneously. One of them even grabbed a stick which then lead to a cute tug of war between them. I wanted to see that fun more but the bus didn’t choose to stand there.
Another main road we were crossing where there were few shops on one side. I saw a person opening the shutter of his medical shop.
Now it was the time that we were a couple if minutes away from school and there was no child to pick up. The roads were full of cars and bikes and few buses. The morning time seemed the busiest time on road. The honking of the cars pisses me. But this is India “no comments”. Finally we reached our school and my small little journey ends here. Tomorrow I hope to see many other morning pictures on my way to school.



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